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October 24, 2015:
Vectrex.com is for sale. Please see title banner for contact information. You can also search other commerce web sites for more listing information as it becomes available.

March 3, 2014:
Vectrex.NL will soon be updated to a new site URL. Make a note that www.VectrexWorld.com is the new permanent home for Jereon's Vectrex site.

February 16,, 2014:
A new version of the colorful Vectrex Wraps are available from Michele Fiori. Check out his site for the Scramble theme!
Vectrex Wraps Site Link:  Vectrex Wraps Update
December 9, 2013:

-ALL Sold! - Vectrex.com has BLUE reproduction Vectrex game cartridge shells available for purchase. These cart shells were made using Sean Kelly's high-quality Vectrex cartridge shell mold that has been used to make all of the reproduction Vectrex game cartridge shells up to this point. The shells are available on eBay. Alternatively you can send email to my direct contact address "Vectrexer" via the GMail to inquire or order. As of today there are only 114 Blue cart shells left and no current plans to reorder.  Similar to the previously available Red shells and Clear shells, the Blue cart shells were a special run of only 200 total. If you wait too long to order then you may not be able to obtain any in the future.  
eBay Site Link:  Vectrex Blue Game Cartridge (Cart) Case / Shell - New Reproduction

While you are browsing eBay I suggest visiting Sean Kelly's items for sale as well. He usually has several items up for sale including his famous Vectrex Multi-Cart .
Sean Kelly's eBay Site Link:   http://www.ebay.com/sch/skelly-etc/m.html

December 1, 2013:
In case you have been absent from the Vectrex scene a while (like this site has been), the classic unreleased title "Mail Plane" has been found again. This time the game is fully playable (unlike the previous ROM Dump) to the end. Crashing more than 5 times also takes the played to the "Game Over" screen. Vectrexer (aka: Chris Romero) and www.Vectrex.com are happy to have purchased the fully playable version of the unreleased game "Mail Plane" so that the Vectrex community can enjoy this long anticipated find. The effort was made all the more sweet by the participation of several post-acquisition monetary contributors. My sincere thank you to the contributors:
  • Tony Holcomb (50tbrd),
  • Lorne Allaire,
  • Eugenio (TrekMD) Angueira,
  • Helmet Mueller (hcmffm),
  • Olivier Orillard,

  • We have generous and enthusiastic members who love the Vectrex!  Thank you!
    Additional thanks To Richard Hutchinson over at Vectrex.Biz for the VecDump. This tool helped to provide an additional method to extract the Mail Plane binary from the game cart.
    My thanks to those other people who helped in others nice ways as well.
    Get your working copy of this classic Vectrex game title here:  Mail Plane

    September 26, 2010:
    Did you wonder where Revival Studios disappeared to?  So did we!  Happy to announce Revival is back in the game with two new Vectrex releases. V-Hockey: A top-view ice hockey game with arcade overtones, as your lone player (and goalkeeper) fight for control of the puck and attempt to score more goals than the opposition. Colorclash slim: A fun action game people can just pickup and play. The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol on his ship with the symbol on the gems. The player has to clear a number of gems each level. Colorclash has lot of new features to check out!  Both titles are set to debut at Retro Spelcomputer Beurs (Retro Console Fair) to be held in Apeldoorn/The Netherlands on October 3rd 2010. For more information on "V-Hockey" and "Colorclash Slim" check out the Revival Studio web site:   http://www.revival-studios.com

    August 7, 2010:
    Mr. Boston is stretching his traveling legs once again!  Vectrex.com's Mr. Boston cart is now up on eBay for auction. Mr. Boston has been seen at Classic Gaming Expo (www.CGEXPO.com) but has rarely been seen elsewhere for viewing or for sale. The current Mr Boston up on eBay is a complete games with the Cart, Box, Overlay, Sleeve, Insert, and Instructions. The condition is conservatively rated at very good.

    Finding a Mr. Boston cart for sale anywhere in any condition is classified as an extremely rare event. There are only Three or four Vectrex Mr. Boston games know to exist. Of those found to date, only two are complete with all the original contents. The others are loose carts. It is safe to say that this rare game is one of the most sought Vectrex items in any Vectrex collector's list.

    Mr. Boston Liquor commissioned this promotional version of the game for the Vectrex. Mr. Boston's gameplay is exactly the same game as the Vectrex game Clean Sweep. The major difference are an ad for Mr. Boston Liquors that is displayed before the games starts. The other major difference is the replacement of the main character in the game with a Mr. Boston's top hat from the brand's logo image.

    It is assumed a Vectrex and the Mr. Boston labeled game would be left out on the counter to attract attention to the Mr. Boston brand of schnapps in order to increase store sales while providing a bit of gaming fun. A few other platforms from the same era in the early 1980's also had similar co-marketing or branding applied to help increase store sales. However, there have been no confirmed sightings of a Vectrex with a Mr. Boston cart use for store advertising at this time.
    For those interested the Mr. Boston brand still exists and is sold today. For more information look here for Mr. Boston Schnapps:

    Vectrex Clean Sweep itself was a decent Pac-Man clone. The the player controls a vacuum cleaner that must vacuum up the dollar bills scattered around the bank. The size of the vacuum increases as more bits are collected. The player must deposit them into the vault in the center when the vacuum gets full. Entering chambers in the four corners of the maze allows the player to vacuum up the robbers that are chasing the player for a short time.

    A few years ago Vectrex.com ran the auction for this Mr. Boston. At the close of the sale the final price was $3400.00 [USD] cash plus a boxed Bandai Vectrex. But that sale did not complete. The sale that completed was the close on 2010-09-04 for $7,200.00. Funds transferred and the cart was shipped to the new owner. See this web page below for the sale. Mr. Boston is also listed at www.gamesniped.com as number seven of the ten worlds most expensive video games ever!

    If you have a desire to acquire a Vectrex Mr. Boston for your own collection now is the time to act!  See item number 250678211957 on eBay:

    Update 2010-08-13: The current bid for Mr. Boston stands $3,000.00 [USD] with three days to go!

    The reserve is definitely lower than the recent King Kong price of $41,300 for the NES Stadium Events sold on February 26, 2010. But as a hint the owner relates the reserve for Mr. Boston is higher than the last sale price.

    Update 2010-08-15:  The last closing bid for Mr. Boston ended $3,827.00!  Lower than the reserve price of $5K the owner set for the auction. But not by much!

    Update 2010-08-15: Even though the eBay auction didn't meet the reserve there was a flurry of emails and eBay messages afterward in which the reserve was me in post eBay offers by one of the interested buyers. If you are still interested in acquiring the game you may want to head over to Atari Ag or Digital press and make the owner an offer. If you already know the owner's email address then feel free to send an offer in.

    Update 2010-08-22: Vectrex Mr. Boston is sold!  More information on this sale coming.

    Update 2010-09-04: Vectrex Mr. Boston is effectively transferred. The final sale price for the complete Vectrex Mr. Boston game was $7,200.00!!  Quite the impressive price!  This sale sets a new high bar for Vectrex game values, and classic game values in general. Congratulations to the new owner of one of the most rare and valuable games on any platform or era!

    There are two Vectrex articles in this month's Video Game Trader #6 magazine. A review of the recently released Vectrexians and a review of the new 72 Game Multicart. Look here for a free (but non printable copy) of the current and back issues: http://www.videogametrader.com

    There are two Vectrex articles in this month's Video Game Trader #6 magazine. A review of the recently released Vectrexians and a review of the new 72 Game Multicart. Look here for a free (but non printable copy) of the current and back issues: http://www.videogametrader.com

    A relatively new Vectrex web site has come on-line. Take a look at Vectrex.co.uk .  The look and layout are good. There are also few references you will not find at other locations. Bet sure to click on the subsection links to bring up other items as they may not be immediately obvious. Ian has done a fine job with the site and I look forward to more great things. Have a visit over here:  http://www.vectrex.co.uk .

    At one time Vectrex.com loaned out a new Vectrex controller to friendly booth at CGE 2K5 and voila!  Up popped a USB to Vectrex controller adapter from Retrozone.  (It really was that fast folks!)  While Retrozone no longer shows the USB Vectrex Controller adapter on the site, perhaps a little noise can get another batch produced. Have a look at what was over at archive.org:   http://web.archive.org/web/20060213222703/http://retrousb.com/vectrex.html

    Did you miss out on the eBay auctions for the Vectrex clear and red cartridge cases?  If so, then keep an eye open for them to appear on some future Vectrex titles. Be prepared to strike as few of these cartridge cases were made. Developers should email the eBay contact for availability and pricing. Alternatively, you can contact Vectrexer over at Digital Press.

    I would like to take a short break from the Vectrex world to inform the optically self flagellating gamers of another cool product. Richard H. of VecVox and VecFlash fame worked with other Virtual Boy enthusiasts Chris (not me) and Pat to produce the "FlashBoy", a flash memory cartridge for the Nintendo Virtual Boy. The FlashBoy's concept is similar to the VecFlash in that the both load games via USB cable into a flash cart allowing everyone to enjoy various titles for the Virtual Boy. The Flashboy also allows a possible jump start of the Virtual Boy homebrew development scene since cyclical testing is much easier, while still being low cost and convenient. There is even a VB coding competition in progress. If you are a collector the FlashBoy has an added bonus of being a complete and beautifully boxed product with instructions and professional support. To find more information and place and order for the FlashBoy, look here:   http://www.vr32.de   now back to Vectrex!

    Could this be a Vectrex cartridge case straight from the depths of Hell itself?  ;-)  Hurry on over to eBay to check out this rare item.:   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260241954112

    Is this a newly uncovered Vectrex rarity or a secret realization of a clear cartridge case?  Hurry on over to eBay to check out this rare item.:   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250247763283

    We brought you the preview at CGE2K7 and now Kristof Tuts has released VECTREXIANS. This is his implementation of Galaxians on the Vectrex. Better in its final form that it was at the show this is a title you will not want to miss!  Great sound!  Great play action. An excellent calibration setup that should be included in all Vectrex games. Kristof has really thought this port through to ensure it's the most fun a Galaxians game can be on the Vectrex platform. Buy you copy before they are all gone!:   http://members.lycos.nl/kristoftuts/kristoftuts/index.htm

    Vectrex crazy people, you are asleep at the wheel!  How do I know this?  I was also asleep (or driving drunk) around the information superhighway. Check out the Vectrex find of the year that Rudy just made on the bidders hell otherwise known as eBay. Not so hellish this time!  Look Here!:   Vectrex with MRB!

    In case you are wondering after the eBay page expires it was a Vectrex console with a Mr. Boston Cart. France may not have baseball, but Rudy sure scored a home run with this $128.50 find!  Congratulations Rudy! Along with this find there are four known copies of Mr. Boston out there, with two of them still in the box.

    Late info, but here is a cool charity of self flagellating gamers playing one of the world's worst video games. Go support the Desert Bus for Hope. See the link temporary link at the top of the page or here:   http://desertbus.org/

    Update on Fury Unlimited's upcoming Vectrex releases.!  3D Sector-X a new 3D game for the Vectrex is expected to be released in Jan/Feb of 2008. Sector-X: Ghosts of the Apocalypse release is timeframe is November 2008. Go check out the Fury Unlimited's web site for more information:   http://www.furyunlimited.com/

    More Solar Wars updates over at Vectorzoa's site.!  I don't think anyone can say enough good praise for the work and the exposure of the work on the game. Go check out the Vectorzoa's blog on the topic here:   http://vectorzoa.blogspot.com/

    Special News for the Classing Gaming Expo 2007 (CGE2K7) Auction!  VecFlash USB GCE2K7 Special Edition. This set has a customized tag and a special modification just for the show!  In addition to the "Special Mod" this version is also the second generation of the USB version with super fast load times!  All auction proceeds to go to the CGExpo charity Special Olympics. The VecFlash USB is a user loadable Vectrex Multicart and is being provided courtesy of its creator Richard Hutchinson, over at  http://www.Vectrex.BIZ.

    Pitcher's Duel!  Well you hear it rumored and now it is confirmed. Pitcher's Duel will be offered for sale at Classic Gaming Expo 2007!:   See the statement below and Read the CGE2K7 news release here::   http://www.cgexpo.com/

    Official info from Sean Kelly:
    "Pitcher's Duel does not include an overlay. The overlay on the box front is the actual GCE overlay that was made for the game back in the day but I didn't have the time or expertise to make an overlay for the game.

    The green cartridge cases were made by me - of course. They cost about seven times as much to manufacture as the regular black ones because of the type of plastic used and the very small quantity produced. I have no intention of doing them in a rainbow of colors now - this was just a one-time thing.

    The game is fairly well-done and is about 90% complete. There are some problems with rules not being implemented or implemented incorrectly that there's actually a pretty funny story explained in the manual.

    The boxed version of the game will be limited to ONE PER PERSON at CGE. That's not to disappoint people who can't come to CGE, but rather to keep people from scalping them on eBay afterwards. The scalping is going to happen anyway, but we'd like to keep it to a minimum. Technically, the first person in line could buy them all and sell the 99 extra on eBay at a hefty profit - and you all know some persons would do that. We don't want to see that anymore than anyone else!  The loose cartridges will be available after the show as long as people want them. It is the exact same game sans the green shell and box."

    Have you visited Alex's site lately?  I thought not! Well go take a look on Vectorzoa. New games and news afoot!  Mosey on over to Vectorzoa for the details:   http://www.vectorzoa.com/info2.html

    Kristof Tuts is still at it!  Vector Pilot, Vector Hopper (QBert Clone), and other great looking titles are in the works!  Hop on over Kristof's page::   http://members.lycos.nl/kristoftuts/kristoftuts/index.htm

    George has bailed on us!  Sort of...  Fury Unlimited has canceled upcoming Vectrex 3d Imager titles Star Fury and Hellhole. Damn!  Well not to worry too much because another game called Sector-X is due for 2007 to make up for the losses. Go check out the Fury Unlimited's web site for more information:   http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgg/m1_1.htm

    Kistof Tuts is soon releasing VECTREXIANS, a clone of the venerable Galaxians. Bug fixes, an intro screen, and sound enhancements round out a fun game into a great cart!  The initial run will be 100 carts. Head on over to Kistof's site and and pre-order your copy today!:   http://members.lycos.nl/kristoftuts/kristoftuts/index.htm

    The new VecFlash USB version is released from Richard Hutchinson. Upgrade kits for current VecFlash (serial) owners are also being offers for those frugal owners with sharp eyes and deft soldering skills. Cruise on over the Vectrex.biz to order your cart and make you serial-less life a bit easier.:   http://www.Vectrex.biz

    Do you Vec-Fu?.  Fans of the classic beat-em-up martial arts games should check out this new Vectrex game created in the spirit of Yie Ar Kung-Fu and other great titles. Michael Borrmann's Vec-Fu has great silhouette look and all of the feel of the best classic fighter style games Do yourself a favor and burn Vec-Fu to an EPROM or VecFlash cart. The game plays much better on the real Vectrex. Now you too can Vec-FU too on Michael's web site here:   http://www.borrmann.in

    Some VecFlash USB Prototype pics for your viewing pleasure.:   http://www.vectrex.com/Images/VecFlash_USB_Proto/VecFlash_Prototype.html

    Slight update :.  Animation is now supported for Vectorzoa's Vectrex Drawing Test Tool!.  Go check it out
    You too can be a Vectrex game programmer!  Sort of. Vectorzoa is looking for undersea character artwork for their new 2007 game "Spike's Sea Snap Safari" also known as "SSSS".  Say, wasn't there a 1970's "B-movie" with the same name?  In any case Alex has produced a wonderful little tool to help visualize your artwork on a Vectrex by compiling your design into a Vectrex binary you can run on your Very on Vectrex. Swim (or slither) on over to Vectorzoa for the details of the Vectorzoa Vectrex Drawing Test Tool (VVDTT).:   http://vectorzoa.com/vecdraw/vecdraw.html

    3D Lord of the Robots is the most sorry ass game. Just Kidding Folks!  If you have Vectrex 3D imager (or thinking about getting one) then there is only one Vectrex out there which will shows off the true 3D capabilites of the Vectrex in the best way possible. Run on over to Fury Unlimited and order your copy of 3D Lord of the Robots (3DLOTR).  The game works with the production Vectrex 3d Imager and the aftermarket homebrew 3D Imagers. Including those made by Kevin Horton, Madtronix, and others. In addition to eye popping 3D action, the game play and music are up to George's regular royal standards. The storage box is a wonder to behold too!  Have a look here:   http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgt/m1m1_1.htm

    More Vectrex goodness with a new keyboard. Could the Basic keyboard of Vectrex lore be far off now?  You be the judge and have a look here:   http://home.socal.rr.com/kokosplace/vectrex/vectrexkey.html   Companion video here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyDzu67QcsM

    Parabellum's excellent Java Vectrex emulator version 0.2.0 has been released. Run over to the web site and grab the software. It is one of the best Vectrex products ever produced!  Available here:   http://perso.orange.fr/parabellum/bin/ParaJVE/ParaJVE.html

    Fury Unlimited is now accepting pre-orders for the August shipment for 3D Lord of the Robots. Get ready to break out your super cool Vectrex 3D glasses and dent your nose once again!  If 3D LOTR is anything like George's other effort then we are in for a treat. Run on over to his site and have a look:   http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgt/m1m1_1.htm

    Spike's Circus has overlay and packaging pictures posted on the Vectorzoa site. Go have a look here:   http://vectorzoa.com/circus/gi_circus_images.html

    Small update to the Mr. Boston Sale below. The sale has been fully completed and Mr. Boston has arrived safe and sound in his new home. For the record the previous sale of this particular Mr. Boston years ago ended $1200.00 not including shipping and handling.

    Spike's Circus has many paid pre-orders. Hurry on over to the Vectorzoa site if you don't want to miss out on the limited number editions!   http://www.vectorzoa.com/circus/gi_circus.html

    For those of you who want to win Copy #3 of Spike's Circus you have until 02/08/2006 (August second) to submit your Vectorzoa Logo Artwork entries.
    The main competition closes on 02/08/2006. (competition open to anyone)
    The junior competition closes on 02/08/2006. (competition open to juniors)
    Nomination of the top 3 pieces of Logo artwork submitted to and hosted on Vectorzoa.com for the main prize.
    There will be a public vote on RGV to determine the ultimate winner who will be declared on August 2, 2006. The winner will receive a FREE signed Limited Edition of Spike's Circus with serial number #03! (prize includes postage to anywhere in the world.)
    To enter:
    1) Fire up your copy of Vectrex Logo
    2)  Draw something cool
    3) Take a photo of the Vectrex screen
    4) Email it to art@vectorzoa.com
    Note: You may want to keep pictures for your original program lists to prove to actually created the artwork.
    Current entries shown at:   http://vectorzoa.com/logo/logocomp.html
    Early bird prize was won by Jeroen Sanders who receives a unique Spike's Circus Demo Cart. (Jeroen's win is independent of the main prize)

    Vectrex friends and family, you know I am rarely given to place anything that is not Vectrex related on this page. However, I just have come across great news for the local Atascadero California folks, and anyone who loves a fantastic family restaurant with a live music. The "Last Stage West" is rebuilding!  This place had great food, warm hospitality, and live music on a stage that invited audience members to come up and join in playing or singing. While you are in the Morro Bay area along California's beautiful coastline you might take a short side trip to have lunch or dinner at the Last Stage West when they reopen. Have a look here for more details:  http://www.LastStageWest.net

    Spike's Circus is now in the pre-order stage. Run over to the Vectorzoa site and have a look!     http://www.vectorzoa.com/circus/gi_circus.html

    In case you have missed it one of the extremely rare complete Mr. Boston packages been offered up for private (personal) auction by one of the owners.  Postings on this topic also include a little history and current status for the known Mr. Boston carts. Read more at the following sites:
    R.G.V topic posting via Google Groups:   http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.vectrex/browse_thread/thread/ce6615724b0be171/f20cd0acf7f6f851?hl=en#f20cd0acf7f6f851
    R.G.V topic posting via Vectrex Forum:   http://www.vectrexforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=142
    Digital Press posting about the Mr. Boston offering:   http://www.digitpress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=88129
    Atari Age posting about the Mr. Boston offering:   http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=89789
    Vectrex Forum posting about the Mr. Boston offering:   http://www.vectrexforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=149
    Auction Status:
    Closed and Final 15:00 PST 7/6/2006 (GMT -8)
    Winning offer:
    $3400.00 cash plus a boxed Bandai Vectrex (Kousokusen) system. Bandai system conservatively valued at least $800.00 or more.
    Here are some quick pictures of the Vectrex Mr. Boston package: http://www.vectrex.com/Images/MR_B/MrBoston.html
    Boxed Bandai images for the item being offered:   http://www.vectrex.com/Images/MRB-BandaiInclusionImages/MrB_Auction-BandaiInclusion.html

    Here is a link to a very nice Vectrex review site. Jess and Brian present their Vectrex games reviews in cool way. But beware, an industrial strength pop-up blocker is required when visiting:   http://grblitz.overclocked.org/vectrex.htm)

    New and humorous review of the Vectrex had been posted on YouTube. So your Vectrex is acting up and you are wondering if it needs a hug today?  Don't hug your Vectrex, give it a good blowing intead!  Check out how to blow you Vectrex here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_gixfVN-78&search=vectrex     (someone please let Brian Jepson over at Make Magazine know about the joys of contact cleaner and a cotton swab! It is much more effective than trying to pleasure a Scramble cart.)

    Vectrex.NL has a spiffy new appearance you might want to have a look at. Check it out here:   http://www.Vectrex.NL    (BTW I am still collecting Vectrex site links. Send an email here: VDAM: Links@Vectrex.com)

    You want to know what is wonderful?  It is the Vectrex community working to protect our own turf!  Check out the Vectrex EU portal. Not much there yet but I just love that we got it first before some other squatter!  Thank you to you know who!  Have a look here:   http://www.Vectrex.EU

    Star Sling is now out from Alex over at Vectorzoa.com. Super small and looks to be interesting. Alex must be programming in his sleep to get so much done in so little time!  (what?  coders actually sleep?!)  Check it out here:   http://www.vectorzoa.com/ssling/gi_ssling.html

    Vectrex sites come and go. When they come back it a great thing to see. The Raven's Retro Nest is back on-line. Have a look here:   http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com/

    A new Vectex rarity list is now up. Check our Martijin's new rarity guide over at VectrexNews.com. Have a look here::   http://www.vectrexnews.com/rarityguide  Material used without permission, but hey, It's a Vectrex site right?
    While you are at it have another look at the The Vectrex Game Database (VGDB) by Manu here:   http://VGDB.vectrex.com

    *Revised* A new Vectrex forum has been established. The new forum has jumpstarted wonderfully and now supports mirroring of the popular RVG newsgroup in one of the forum areas. This Vectrex crew really rocks!:   http://www.vectrexforum.com/  My hat is tipped to Martijin Wentjing and David Elfstr√∂m for doing a great job!

    A new Vectrex forum has been established by a somewhat reputable crew.  ;-)  Go have a look here:   http://www.vectrexforum.com/

    Are you a gambling addict?  George (Fury Unlimited) has yet another Vectrex offering for you. Come take your chances on "Vector 21" here: http://geovector.tripod.com/_sgt/m1m1_1.htm  Please leave the title to your house in the safe deposit box!

    Offered for your inspection are several pictures of the new Logo programming Package. Is Alex N's Logo package a Protector killer?   You will have to decide that for yourself. No matter what your personal opinion, Alex's new Logo package is quite incredible both inside and out!  Well done Alex!   Points for those who can identify the reflections in some of the images. Free Spike cart sent postage paid to the person who identifies the most details in the next 24 days!  (China, Siberia, Antarctica, here is your chance for a free cart!)   No apologies for the image quality as this was a 2 hour effort and included my six year old daughter as part of the image taking and editing process. Thank you and much love little Alex(andra)!  :-)
    Look for the full images here: Logo Package Pictures
    Bandwidth sensitive folks look for the resized images here:: Logo Package Pictures (resized)

    **** John Dondzilla's new game "Space Frenzy" is now released and on sale! Get them while they're hot! : http://www.classicgamecreations.com/frenzy.html  

    Martijin Wentjing at Revival Studios is releasing another game already! Cool box and color overlay! Could this be the packaging that finally bests Protector LE? Check out Color Clash here: http://www.vectrexnews.com/game_colorclash.html

    John Dondzilla (AKA PC John) the most prolific, and arguably the best post era Vectrex programmer, is close to releasing another game. Check out his new title here: http://www.classicgamecreations.com/frenzy.html   (warning: mute your sound to avoid the maxi synth volume, or be prepared to wet your pants! :-) )

    Finally an easy way for everyone create our own vectrex programs using Logo! Logo Programming cart for the Vectrex is available from Alex for ordering here: http://www.vectorzoa.com/gi_logo.html   (make your turtle run!)

    New Vectrex web site is up! Check out: http://www.vectorzoa.com

    German Milton Bradley Catalog with German Store Display stand. Check out images here:

    New Vectrex game is out! Check Debris by Martijin Wentjing at Revival Studios here: http://www.d3signer.com/vectrexnews/game_debris.html" ;-)

    Check out a new site here: http://www.VectrexNews.com: http://www.VectrexNews.com ;-)

    Ok Folks, my one and only vanity shot is here. BTW, the items I take to the show are about 1/4 of my collection.: Sing it" Just me and my bubble, walking down the museum way..." ;-)

    George Pelonis (Fury Unlimited) has produced another great Vectrex game!! Information on "I, Cyborg" is available here: http://geovector.tripod.com/_sgt/m1_1.htm/

    More emulation is on the way with a Vectrex emulator for the Pocket PC. Details Here: http://pocketvcs.emuunlim.com/

    Have a power switch problem? Mark Shaker has allocated a source of the Volume/Power Switch at BG Micro. Contact Mark or look here: http://www.bgmicro.com/pdf/page29.pdf

    With something up his sleeve at just about any time, Manu has a cool new graphic for the Vectrex. Details here: http://www.sci.fi/~man/vectrex80.jpg

    Spectrum I+ Stress Tester Unit. Some people doubted its existence but here is the Vectrex Luscher color test machine by Roy Abel and Associates. Brought to you exclusively by the Vectrex Game Database Spectrum I+ Stress Tester Unit

    Pitcher's Duel has been found! The original Vectrex authors show us how to do it once again. Does ESPN owe GCE some royalties? How soon till it is released? Read more here Pitcher's Duel Review

    Spikes Big Page - Another great site for Vectrex happenings is here: http://www.classicgaming.com/vectrex/

    The Vectrex FTP site is now being mirrored on Vectrex.com here: Vectrex FTP Site Mirror

    M.E.S.S. Vectrex overlay set update dated 2003-09-22 here: Overlays

    M.E.S.S. Vectrex overlay and games files set up for easy M.E.S.S. usage here: Overlays and Games. Enjoy!

    The commercial is here!.
    The commercial .mov file is available.:
    The Vectrex commercial! Streaming straight to you!
    The Vectrex commercial! Zipped up. About 98MB
    The Vectrex commercial! In .mov file format. About 120MB

    The Tom Sloper Show from CGExpo 2002 has been on Vectrex.com for a while. Here is like for all who missed it: The Tom Sloper Show, Featuring his wonderful designs.

    Mr. Boston cart too expensive? Take a look at this German auction for Harmagedon( AKA : Star Trek) here: An interesting price!

    Netherlands Vectrex Bubble Display Stand. Now up on eBay: Bubble Display Stand!

    A small little mention about the Vectrex in this article. Good Article: http://www.laweekly.com/ink/03/40/a.php

    We must must be Dreamin', because now the Sega Dreamcast emulates the Vectrex! Details here: http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/emulators.htm
    See messages on the Dreamcast-MESS-Vectrex emulation and CDI disk image creation here: http://www.dcemulation.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=37986

    The Vectrex Game Database (VGDB) created and run by Manu is now located here at VGDB.vectrex.com. - So many updates, so little time!

    G4 promo spot: Jivin' Jay Smith featuring my Classic Vectrex Store Display at CGE2K2 --- Jivin' Jay! ---
    Alternate: G4 promo spot: Jivin' Jay Smith featuring my Classic Vectrex Store Display at CGE2K2 --- Jivin' Jay! ---

    G4 promo spot: Groovin' right along is Tom (D.D.R.) Sloper and his slick moves with a GameTime watch --- DDR Tom! ---
    Alternate: G4 promo spot: Groovin' right along is Tom (D.D.R.) Sloper and his slick moves with a GameTime watch --- DDR Tom! ---

    Vectrex Emulation News - MESS Update for DOS!: Get your new DOS MESS here!

    John Soper "The 8-Bit Lab Rat" has another PSX to Vectrex controller conversion circuit. The cool roll your own kind. http://www94.pair.com/jsoper/vec_psx_adap.html

    Clay Cowgill - PSX to Vectrex controller adapter. CGE is over but the pre-order page is still up Playstation to Vectrex controller adapter!

    VectorMAME! MAME additions to play vector games your Vectrex display: http://www.zektor.com/zvg/zvg_vmame.htm

    Vectrex News and Happenings:

    Vector Gaming Forums - Vectrex Section: Vectrex (Last 3 days search) on the Vector Gaming Forums board

    The Vectrex Newsgroup:
    Via Google - rec.games.vectrex rec.games.vectrex
    From your own ISP news server - rec.games.vectrex : news:rec.games.vectrex

    General video game collecting newsgroups (Not Vectrex specific, but good):
    Via Google - rec.games.video.classic rec.games.video.classic
    From your own ISP news server - rec.games.video.classic : news:rec.games.video.classic
    Via Google - alt.games.video.classic alt.games.video.classic
    From your own ISP news server - alt.games.video.classic : news:alt.games.video.classic

    Spikes Big Page - Look for other recent happenings here!: http://www.classicgaming.com/vectrex/ **

    Digital Press - Another great site for Vectrex and various other consoles.: http://www.digitpress.com

    Yahoo Vectrex group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vectrex_dev/messages

    Vectrex Software and Hardware Developers:

    Vectrex FTP Site: ftp://ftp.csus.edu/pub/vectrex/
    Andreas Gustafsson's site: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~sdw/other.html
    Brett's page: http://playvectrex.com/
    George Pelonis' site: http://geovector.tripod.com/_sgt/f10000.htm
    John Dondzilla, One of the Greats!: http://www.classicgamecreations.com/
    Kristof Tuts' site: http://members.lycos.nl/kristoftuts/index.html
    Manu's Site: http://www.pelikonepeijoonit.net/vec/
    Mark De Smet's site: http://www.upl.cs.wisc.edu/~de-smet/projects.html
    Mark Robson's site: http://www.vectrex.org.uk
    Ronen Habot's site: http://vgcollect.freehosting.net/myvectrex.htm
    Richard's Page: http://www.vectrex.biz
    Sean Kelly's site: http://home.xnet.com/~skelly/
    Michael Borrmann, Creator of Vec-Fu: http://www.borrmann.in/

    Vectrex Emulators Play Vectrex games on your [place favorite system here]:

    PC DOS Emulators:
    DVE (D.V.E.) 2.0 Page: http://www.classicgaming.com/vectrex/dve.htm
    DVE 2.0 Page (Alternate): http://www.arcadeathome.com/dve/
    Emulator Overlays (For DVE): http://www.classicgaming.com/vectrex/emu.htm#Overlays
    Multiple Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. or MESS ). Main Page (Vectrex): http://www.mess.org/

    PC Windows Emulators:
    Multiple Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. or MESS ).  Main Page (Vectrex):  http://www.mess.org/
    MESS help page:  http://www.classicgaming.com/vectrex/mess.htm
    VecX. A DirectX Vectrex Emulator: http://www.eecg.toronto.edu/~manohv/vectrex.html
    ParaJVE. Parabellum's Java Vectrex Emulator:  http://vectrex-emu.blogspot.com/

    Macintosh Emulators
    Multiple Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. or MESS ). Main Page (Vectrex): http://www.mess.org/
    Chris Roccati' Macintosh emulator. Derived from VecX.: http://space.virgilio.it/chris.roccati@tin.it/vecx.zip

    Linux - Generic Emulators: ParaJVE. Parabellum's Java Vectrex Emulator:  http://vectrex-emu.blogspot.com/
    Linux - AMD64 Processor Emulators: ParaJVE. Parabellum's Java Vectrex Emulator:  http://vectrex-emu.blogspot.com/
    GamePark32 Emulator
    GamePark32, Finally, a hand held Vectrex for the road. Derived from VecX.: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~sdw/other.html

    Multiple Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. or MESS ). Main Page (Vectrex): http://www.mess.org/

    Multiple Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. or MESS ). Main Page (Vectrex): http://www.mess.org/

    Multiple Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. or MESS ). Main Page (Vectrex): http://www.mess.org/

    Sega Dreamcast:
    Vectrex emulator running on MESS, running on the Sega Dreamcast Console http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/emulators.htm
    Dreamcast-MESS-Vectrex emulation and CDI disk image creation here http://www.dcemulation.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=37986

    Awesome Fan Site Links:

    Nicolas Sapin's page Mark Shakers Page: http://perso.club-internet.fr/sap1/
    Mark Shakers Page: http://www.vectrexcarts.com
    Jeroen's page: http://www.VectrexWorld.com
    Roachnest page: http://www.roachnest.com/vectrex.html

    Vectrex Game Reviews:

    Video Game Critic: http://www.videogamecritic.net/vec.htm

    Specialty Section:

    Spikes Big Page - Look for new happenings here!: http://www.atarihq.com/vectrex/
    The Vectrex Game Database (relaunched): http://vectrexmuseum.com/mirror/vgdb/
    The Vectrex high Score database (defunct): http://members.aol.com/pbjurman/vectrex.html
    How Do I make a Vectrex overlay?? (Mark De Smet): http://www.upl.cs.wisc.edu/~de-smet/overlay.html
    Sean Kelly's Vectrex Multicart direct from the source (only via eBay, when available): http://www.ebay.com/sch/skelly-etc/m.html?_nkw=Vectrex+%28%22Multi-Cart%22%2C%22multicart%22%29
    Interviews - Good Deal Games: http://www.gooddealgames.com/

    Misc Vectrex software and hardware (store):

    Roachnest page: http://www.cafeshops.com/roachnest


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    eBay - Completed Vectrex - Highest price: Crazy Bidders at the top!

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